The Only True Cause of Stress is the Absence of Inner Peace
Most of us know by now that stress is the major factor is nearly all physical, mental and emotional disorders and disease.

Stress can destroy our health, our relationships, and our financial well being if left unchecked. But what really causes stress? And what are the best ways to deal with it?

When we experience stress, we tend to point to people, circumstances, or events outside of ourselves.

We might have elderly parents with dementia or other conditions that require our care. Our kids might be going through a tough time. We might get diagnosed with a serious illness, get divorced, or lose a job or business. Or the car breaks down, the dog gets sick, or the house is a mess or needs major repairs.

Even “good” things can cause a lot of stress. The birth of a child, a new job, moving to a new place, starting a business, buying a new home, travelling, starting a new relationship.

The bottom line is, any kind of change can create stress – and life is change!

I am sure none of this is news to you. But most of us, when faced with stress, try to change the people, places, or things that we believe are causing the problem.

I am here to assure you – nothing “out there” is the problem!

For example, you might decide to change jobs, or your relationships, or put mom in an assisted living center. And these things can bring temporary relief, or even make a big improvement in your outer circumstances.

But eventually, someone or something else will come along and the feelings of overwhelm, unhappiness, and fatigue return.

Trying to eliminate stress in your life is like trying to create a garden simply by killing the weeds. If you don’t plant seeds and fertilize the soil, the weeds will simply grow back.

Your mind is like that garden, and if you don’t take some time each day to tend to it then the weeds will find a way in and eventually take over.

Continuing with this analogy, one of my favorite subjects in gardening and agriculture is “permaculture”. In this approach we take some time to simply observe what is happening in the space where we want to grow some food.

Then, armed with the awareness of where the sun is strongest, where we have shade, what kind of plants like to grow where, etc., we can create a landscape that eventually requires almost no work at all to maintain. And the harvest from this type of agriculture can far exceed conventional methods of tilling, planting, watering, and spraying with pesticides.

In a similar way, if we first take some time to become aware of the nature and contents of our mind then we can begin to create a landscape that will grow and improve over time, eventually with little or no work involved.

Meditation is a great way to get started. So is having someone to talk to who will just listen and allow you to hear your own thoughts.

But the most important thing to do, if you want to eliminate the only true cause of stress in your life, is to learn how to create inner peace.


Because inner peace is like the soil in your garden. Without it, nothing good can grow. And to make good soil takes time and the right conditions. You must learn how to create the conditions in your mind that result in inner peace and peace of mind.

There are, literally, hundreds if not thousands of actions you can take to start creating that inner state of peace and well being that will give you the strength and inner resources you need to deal with anything life throws at you. Good or bad.

I could start listing them here, and maybe you would remember one or two when you needed them. You could search online and find pages and pages of articles about how to create inner peace and peace of mind. And all of that is very valuable.

But creating inner peace is not something you just do once and you’re done. And trying to create this state of mind with just a few tips or tricks can get old or boring until you lose interest and give up.

What if there was a way to start creating inner peace that didn’t require years of meditation or therapy? What if there was something you could do to start pulling up those weeds and laying down layers of ferile soil in your mind where you could plant the seeds of happiness, health and well being?

There is a way. I have been doing this now for over 15 years and teaching it to others with consistent, immediate, powerful results.

We don’t experience inner peace, happiness and well being by getting rid of stress. That will never work. But stress cannot grow where we plant the seeds of well being in the soil of inner peace in our minds!

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Don’t let the weeds of stress, anxiety, or despair take root in your mind. Learn more, take action! Choose an option to start creating peace of mind right now.

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