I lost 7 pounds with my Peace of Mind!

I know, it sounds crazy, but this really happened.

It all started a few years back when my body went into menopause. Before that, I was never overweight (except for the “Freshman 15″ which came off as soon as I moved out of the dorms).

At first, it was just a few pounds. So I changed my diet a little and exercised a little more. My weight kept increasing. In particular, my belly kept growing.

I went to see a doctor to get my hormones balanced. It took a few months, but blood tests showed I was good to go.

The weight kept pouring on!

I was beside myself. I have never felt so helpless and out of control of my body and my life. Within just a few years of menopause, I had gained almost 40 pounds – and I am only 5’3”!

I tried changing my diet again. Gluten free, paleo, vegan – I did all of that. I would lose a few pounds, then they came right back.

I started a new metabolic exercise program. It gave me energy, but the belly did not budge.

I tried supplements, teas. I even hired a personal trainer.

I could not understand why this was happening to me. I went to the Heartcompass Life Navigation system to find the Love based Truth. The answer I received was that it had something to do with developing compassion.

Today, more than one third of the people on this planet are obese! Another third are overweight. I had never been overweight or obese, so my belief was that these people were eating the wrong foods. I thought they were just making bad choices, even in the face of an abundance of information available to everyone online.

Now I am not saying that quality of food does not make a difference. It does. So does exercise. But even people who have a “clean” diet and work out can still get fat. And I was one of them.

The worst thing was that I lost confidence in my ability, and even my right, to teach Metaphysics for Life and Heartcompass Life Navigation. I mean, if I couldn’t even create a healthy body, who was I to teach others??

If you know my personal story, when I was 40 years old I was diagnosed with PTSD. Not finding answers “out there” I decided to ask the Universe, God, whatever you want to call the source of everything, for a way to help myself. And I got the Heartcompass Life Navigation system and it worked.

So after struggling with my weight for several years, and looking for answers “out there”, I decided it was time to go back to the Source for some help.

That’s when I started creating the Penny A Day for Peace of Mind program. The program consists of daily messages sent by email with images and words that help create inner peace and peace of mind.

Of course, I had to test it first myself. So I subscribed and started receiving the messages about a month ago.

About a month ago was also my most recent doctor’s appointment. Even though I had been seeing the doctor (a nutrition and fitness counselor) for almost a year, my weight was still the same as when I had started.

Then, about a week ago, I was at a party at a friend’s house. Someone who had seen me a few weeks earlier remarked, quite enthusiastically, “Wow! It looks like you’ve lost some weight? You look great! What are you doing different?”

I said I had stopped eating bread. Which was sort of true. I was still eating gluten free pasta and scones for example. And I had cut bread from my diet before, so that wasn’t really “different”.

I thought maybe it was just the clothing I wore that night. So the next day I weighed myself.

I had lost 7 pounds!!

And the ONLY thing that was different was that I was reading my daily Peace of Mind messages.

I was still skeptical, so I waited a few more days and got on the scale again. Another pound gone! I lost 8 pounds in less than one month – more than I had ever lost with diet and exercise, and without changing anything else.

Now, before I go any further, I am NOT trying to promote A Penny A Day for Your Peace of Mind as a weight loss program!

The truth is, I have no idea how creating peace of mind might change your life.

I do know that it can reduce or eliminate the negative effects of stress. Creating inner peace and reducing stress is proven to balance hormones, improve immune system function, enhance cognitive brain function, reduce risk of heart disease, cancer, and other inflammatory diseases. The list goes on.

Who knows. Reading these daily messages and experiencing a moment of peace might have been enough to allow my body to relax and let go of the belly fat – which is directly related to stress issues.

It’s not that I did not practice other stress relief techniques. I meditate, walk in nature every day, and eat a clean diet. These are all important factors.

But there is something about these daily messages. When I show them to people, I can just see their faces and bodies transformed as the stress flows out of them, replaced by a moment of peace.

I can feel myself being transformed, from the inside out. I feel more in touch with my true self and Source than I have ever been. I have more energy, and my life is expanding in many ways.

I don’t know what Peace of Mind will do for you. But whatever it is, I do know that it will be good.

Please. Subscribe to A Penny A Day for Your Peace of Mind today!

The world needs more people creating inner peace.