Our family members can be our greatest critics – and our greatest allies.

I am proud to say that my own daughter has a great head on her shoulders, and I trust her judgment when it comes to seeing a person’s true character.

When I was suffering from the symptoms of PTSD – lots of anger, inability to empathize with others, and general selfish self-centeredness – my young daughter was understandably upset and even afraid of me sometimes.

When I lost my home in the foreclosure crisis and was adrift for a while, she was concerned and worried about how she was going to take care of me – and she was just 20 years old and still in college at the time!

I was always certain of my ability to take care of myself under any circumstances. But I was not aware of the effect my behavior was having upon other people, including my friends and family.

My brothers have long since given up on me, but a daughter never really leaves her mom behind. And, I am very grateful to say it, she was eventually rewarded.

I will never forget the time she told me that I had become “a different person”. It still brings chills and even tears to my eyes to think of it.

I had gone from being an angry, fearful, self-centered individual, to someone who was deeply empathic, calm, and caring for others. I was no longer at the mercy of my own thoughts and feelings, and I could tap into the deep inner resources that I now know are available to all of us.

How did this transformation come about?

Like many of us, it was in my darkest moment that I finally stopped, looked around, and realized I had to start taking responsibility for my own life. It was time to stop blaming. Stop being a victim. Start owning everything I had created in my life.

When I did that, I found I was able to look obejctively at the thoughts in my mind that were creating my life, and the feelings that used to control my behavior. I discovered a way to deactivate the thoughts and feelings that were creating life experiences I did not want to have, and replace them with a quality I call “Love based Truth”.

Love based Truth is not the same as “positive thinking” – although that is one of the results.

Love based Truth is a quality that comes from the heart. It is a quality we can use to give substance to the thoughts in our mind and experience inner peace, well being, and self empowerment. It eliminates feelings of fear, anger and despair. Love based Truth transformed my life and helped me remember who I really am.

And that’s the person my daughter sees today. A mom who is strong, and caring, and always there for her. Someone she does not have to worry about, or think she has to rescue.

Most of us want to improve ourselves and our lives because we want to be happier, healthier, and enjoy life more. But don’t forget the value and the impact that improving ourselves has on the lives of our loved ones.

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And thank you!