I was working on this week’s Penny A Day for Your Peace of Mind and the theme was FOCUS.

As I did the research and wrote the daily messages it got me thinking.

Focus – the ability to concentrate your attention on a single goal, subject, or activity – is an absolute requirement for learning, applying what you learn, personal and spiritual growth and transformation, creating inner peace (or any other state of mind you desire), and much more.

Meditation is a great way to focus and become aware of what is in your mind.

Yoga and Qigong helps us focus on the body.

Creating A Mind With Heart is a great way to focus on what is written in your soul.

Focusing on a religious or spiritual path can help us reconnect with Source and who we really are.


In these turbulent times, the ability to focus on your Heart and maintain coherence – a peaceful, grateful state of mind – is more important than ever. Heart coherence will improve your ability to focus in any area of your life – work, relationships, health, sports, creativity, even having fun.

Whatever it is that you hope to achieve in your life, you will need the ability to focus.


Try it right now:

  • Focus on your heart.
  • Take slow, deep, even breaths.
  • Imagine someone or something you love or care about.

This is the Heartmath Quick Coherence Technique, and it is part of creating A Mind With Heart.


I used to believe that focusing on one thing would limit me. But the opposite is true. Focus opens the heart, expands the mind, and makes everything possible.


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