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Spirituality is the awareness that everything is connected.

Quantum theory (another popular topic) suggests that space is filled with infinite zero points. A zero point is an infinitely small black hole. It is also sometimes called an “event horizon”.

This field of zero points and the field of energy and information they create in the physical universe, are what connects everything.

At the center of your heart is a very special zero point, also known as the “spiritual heart”.  Your spiritual heart is connected to Source, or who you really are, and is the gateway to spirit and your soul.

Your soul contains the perfect blueprint for your life. And because it is holographic in nature, it also contains the perfect blueprint for other people’s lives, our world, and even the universe.

I bring this up because I am hearing about more and more people becoming upset by world events.

If you hear about a terrorist attack in another country. Or a shooting at a school or other public gathering place. Or political shenanigans with the potential to derail an entire nation. What are you supposed to do?

Remember that who you really are is shining the light of spirit through the blueprint of your soul into your mind to create your physical life experience.

(Feel free to read that one a few times, please.)

Perception of that reality requires two steps:

  1. First – Your body and brain perceive the energy and information (light of spirit = energy, blueprint of your soul = information) and translate that into a 3D holographic image in your mind.
  2. Second – You must send that 3D holographic image back to source through the zero point in your heart for completion.


If you don’t do step two, you are stuck in the Illusion of Separation and experience fear, pain, anger, suffering, etc.

I recently discovered a really fast way to complete the process and would like to share it with you here for the very first time.

When I perceive something in my physical reality that is upsetting or causing challenges in my life I focus on my heart, take a deep breath, and think to myself, “Breath In the 3D Holographic Image”.  Then I breath out thinking, “Breath Out the Love Based Truth”.  Then I “Breath in the Love Based Truth” and “Breath Out Gratitude”.

I did this when I saw a truck stuck in traffic, turning the engine over and over, but unable to start. The truck started as soon as I finished the technique.  I tried it again when I saw a couple arguing.  Same results.  Other times I did not see immediate results, but felt that something had shifted.

I am not saying that action is not necessary when bad things happen.  But action that is fear based, even when it involves giving money or other resources such as time or sharing on Facebook, will only contribute to the ongoing creation of crises and tragedies – all of which are symptoms of the Illusion of Separation being created by our brains and bodies in our minds.

I hope you will give this a try in your own life and let me know what happens.

(Note: When you focus on your heart, be sure to first take a few deep breaths and think of someone or something you love or care about.  This creates heart coherence.)

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