In my last post I shared with you a super quick technique I use to instantly transform how I feel when bad things come into my field of awareness.

If you missed it, the simple steps are:

Breathe in the 3D holographic image.
Breathe out the Love based Truth.
Breathe in the Love based Truth.
Breathe out Gratitude.

What do I mean by “breathe in the 3D holographic image”?

Everything we experience in our physical lifetime is a 3D holographic image created by the body and brain. Your mind is the space and time that contains these holographic images.

We give “substance” and meaning to these images with feelings and emotions.

How this all works will be thoroughly explained in the online course I am working on now. I will let you know as the launch date for the course gets closer.

In the meantime, you might want to try simply becoming aware that everything you perceive is a thoughtform given substance by feeling in your mind – the “3D holographic image”.

When you see or hear about something that upsets you, imagine breathing that image into your heart.

Why your heart?

The human heart contains a “zero point” or event horizon that connects the physical and non physical dimensions of our reality. It’s the gateway to your soul and spirit.

When you breathe in the holographic images of your mind into your heart, they are transformed or “completed” by what I call Love based Truth. Love based Truth is a quality of the light of spirit.

Try it right now. Close your eyes, focus on your heart, imagine breathing in the image of the device you are using to read this, and think of someone or something you love or care about.

Open your eyes, and breathe that feeling into the image of the device.

When you breathe out the Love based Truth, you are breathing the light of spirit into your mind.

Breathe that energy back into your heart. Then complete the process by breathing out gratitude.

If you find this process difficult or challenging, you might need to practice accessing your heart for Love based Truth.Β  You can get a free ebook from the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart.

I would love to hear from you about your experience with this quick technique.Β  Please leave your comments or questions below.
Thank you!