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March 2017

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Join me next week for Part One of a FREE Four Part webinar series, “Creating A Mind With Heart: Experience TRUE Success!”

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I hope you have been watching the “Missing Links” episodes I have been sharing with you these past few weeks. In this TV series on Gaia TV, scientist and former Navy Officer Gregg Braden teaches us about the latest findings on the history and potential of the human species.

In the last week’s episode, “Awakening the Heart-Brain Union”, Braden shares with us a technique, and the amazing benefits and effects, of creating a harmonious connection between the human heart and brain. If you missed it, I am sharing it here with you for free, as my guest, one more time:

Watch “Awakening The Heart-Brain Union” Now at Gaia TV

This link will remain active through Saturday, March 18th, 2017, 3PM EST (Noon PST).

I am sharing this with you because science (which I like to call the “new” Metaphysics or “study of reality”) is getting closer and closer to providing evidence for things that those of us who have been awakening that Heart-Brain Union have known for a very long time.

For example, the human heart is smarter than the brain!

It thinks faster, is not clouded by trauma or fear based beliefs, and it has access to intuition and inner guidance that the brain can ONLY RECEIVE FROM THE HEART.

In 2001, after a traumatic divorce, I discovered a “System” for creating the Heart-Brain Union, on demand, and in a way that focuses Heart Intelligence on the most pressing issues and demands of our daily lives.

I call it “The Heartcompass Life Navigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart”, and I want to teach it to you next week – in a FREE series of webinars to be held during the Grand Opening of the Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center!

Whether you discovered Metaphysics for Life years ago, or just yesterday, you will not want to miss this free webinar series!!

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And just in case you missed “Awakening the Heart-Brain Union” with Gregg Braden, you can use this link to watch now through Saturday until 3PM EST (Noon PST).

Then, please join me next week for Part One of my FREE Four Part webinar series, “Creating A Mind With Heart: Experience TRUE Success!”

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